My Portrait

My Portrait

My Portrait

I remember the freedom
To draw all my ugly on
Giving me permission
To put it all upon

It gave me a face of aged
Unreal and unnatural
Seeing my dying cage
Melted open for all

My injuries of the gun
Lover falsely painted on
Of what I had so wrong
He lied of his heart con

The point where I found rage
My slumber weighed a crawl
To wake an inner mage
Of shaman footing called

Still pulling pieces from Mom
Who wished such men upon
To keep me down and from
That weird like me's around

Death's door bringing me my stage
Word's once frozen grew tall
And listeners engaged
To my abundant fall

That's when I found to follow
He who lived an open truth
Authenticity flow
For me to reflect sooth

If he can find this dove
To not give bend to the top
Then I can open love
Again to my weird-up

Are all my wishes hallow
Of this man's intense cuth
To come toward my glow
Because I think of woo's

My voice rising and out loud
This life attaining gallop
For spirit fills my above
Shaking my steps to pop

Lines across to make grow
My third eye rising loose
As my open arm boughs
Filling my thirsty roots

My portrait for his love
As I watch his cartoons hop
Into my mind from shove
A place for me on top

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