I Feel YOU

I feel you

I Feel YOU

Wash me with this
Place you've made
Inside of me
Open your hands
Within my vibes
Your jaw loose
With your wanting
Kiss my energy again
As you catch it
From your heart
Because you opened to
And the roots
Had already grown toward
You are my tree
As your tall grew
Before my name upon
Your ear had sung
As you've found
In this distance
My roots already
Wound around your
Life of laughter
There in the reflection
My tears once ringed
To drop from my
Smile you replaced
From that world
That took it once
Now sings my beams

Again touched with
This tingle and warm
Because you think
Of me unharmed
Because you want
My laughter echoes
As you hold a thought
Of me in sunshine
Wanting your kiss
At bay form shadows
Reaching my banish
You watch my battle
With desire to hold
Again you send this
Heart attachment
Without chains, only arms
That wish to hold
Me whole again
As you watch my
Pieces mold me back
As you find a way
To answer my calls
Without a witness to
Track our world
As you give into
Our psychic affair
Once more for
You cannot resist
My dreamed up kisses

Then me in silence
Once more filled with
Your calling me
To remember to write
A poem filled with
Words that use “you”
That fill you with
Maybe's on your lips
To enhance my breath
As they were made
To run to screen
Full of your hidden
Name from my lips
As all who are watching
You play with your light
Have no clue of me
Here with your game
Wrapped in rhythm
And ribbon with
Fancy censored legs
Around you in ethereal
Because you wandered
Off again into my
Path I left open
Because a gate is
There on my thighs
As you fall in trance
To the rhythm of
My embracing replies

So, you think of
Approaching this called
Up inside of you
Besides your sent
Magic inside of me
You think on it more
Then you thought you
Would feel for the
Wooed upon your given
And you hunger for
Perhaps my voice
Speaking inside your
Number before me
Or along side your
Pillow with only
Your face upon it
Now could be me
You wanted when
You made that list
To keep them at bay
With your impossibility
That walks over here
Because I was this
All along to find you
In your single world
Of loving yourself
Caring for your broken
Then I gave you
Pieces I found over here

How about another
Long stanza with
You all over it
Does that mean I'll
Sleep for a bit of
Forever in this
Blanket of compassion
You willingly see
On my way as you
Sleep in the thought of
Me raw and bare as
My voice when it
Speaks of you again
In visions you drew
Of me naked on
Your wall to watch
You close your eyes
In your own love of
This shared moment
I called up long
This time to
Penetrate your all
Encompassing your
Time with my mind
Did it swallow you
Up from the smoke
You became before
Me as I've whispered
Your name from more

When it's you it's
Everything creeped
From my lips open
To the place I would
Kiss your doorway
Because you cannot
Resist the thoughts
Of a path my hand
Is held in yours
Without a pull from
The willingness to
Be my equal here
And there in the
Image of us as
We see the other
Filled in the space
Beside our spotlight
As this stage
Begins to sing
Our secrets molded
From between those
Lines leading up our
Fit together bodies
On more than surface
Because our souls
Have been here with
Every thought of
I'm no longer alone
In this mirror

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