A Door For Two

A Door for Two

A Door For Two

A shared place
Perhaps a mind
Of fire and together
Where we each go
To feel the other(')s
Essence of something
That could be, but
Healing makes the circle
Of never really starting
Real are the characters
Deeper that I've gone
Only being what could be
Freezing all avenues wrong-way
Do I always feel in there
As my sight is elsewhere
And the knowing is instant
To changes either, makes
Healing the multiple directions
To the most lovable
Perhaps filled with validation
Proving footsteps with footprints
A place to learn a never-before
Concept of thinking into
A donation of anyone with close enough
Instead of old habits
Laughing at a pain
Feel warm throughout
As you practice
Keeping me and filled with fun

Inside there
You heard my laughter
With your own actions
And inside your hands
That could be real focus
How easy I can take life
Full of eager moments
I've designed
Or you could ‘trigger’
(A better way to see that word
As better games could be
That involve two
Instead of one upon
Another's feelings)
With hunger to drive me
Instead of a good blinding
Sharing is abundance
And openness is where
My stories can hide
And amuse with the
Strength of my vulnerability
Becoming a welcome
Inviting into an arena
You never stood before
And there in all those peeks
You know you want this
Real, authentic creativity
Into the wings of fertility
Like rabbits in your works

Jumping in love and softness
Hearing beyond normal
Seeing into flattening
Into the ground unseen
Then fast into the light
In the dusk and into the dawn
Goals are prey in our talons
Becoming what is heard in
Multi-dimensions, and every layer
As well as path “could-of-taken”
To learn from while not taking it
Instead, the glowing trail
Can be picked like grapes
Hanging, offered to yard-birds
Food quenching a thirst
Beyond the grains on the ground
For everybody else
This, this WE
WE are more together
I am already more
Knowing how deeper love
Works when it starts
On my inside here
In the seed I gave there
Into the our-brain
You have keys to
With fantasy filling
Notebooks and lists
To be into the FLOW

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