The Reader

The Reader

The Reader

Along the tracks of
The primitive held there
Along the secrets painted
He laid out what was said of
Where all this was going
He was watched as he
Revealed this hidden knowledge
Wisdom came as everything
Moved to where the house sits

Meeting halls of only time there
The blood called to the visitor
Held in the ancestry was
The place to sit up on the soil
She brought with her a friend
That she knew once and could
See what displays brought
Here, as they walk through
To find the place to settle

Then the night brought another
Place where they grew futures
He sat with his wisdom alone
Thinking the village moved on
As snow filled the mountains
As someone played and someone
Was alone in the cold of
It all made sense now
With the stones stacked with stars

Here he wrote the lines on the backs
She waited across as he revealed
That the covers were all
Different, never calling a path
To know exactly what would
Come when the card flipped over
What would hold the mold of
The steps to go on now
As answers set on the table

Then the world, his world
Brought the colors and the same
As the backs became one with
As the fortunes sang silent
Until he'd reveal the call
His own surprise of his
Power to bring without plans
His own acceptance as his
Light was embraced by passers

She came again to the gate
As he had his life on his shoulders
She waited to hold his hand
Would he invite her across it
Would the lands be as lonely as
They crawled over landscape
Of hills unmarked and unstepped
Opened itself up to walk
Together or alone, he'd decide

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