A Door In As He Hardened the Key

a door in as he hardened the key
A Door In As He Hardened the Key

The root of him with the scale of
Height along side her length
To call for rooted as they slept
Touching in every sense with soft
With forever as they dreamed and
For a place he had never been
In the mind of a writer she
Would bend to all of him
Only here in their bodies' call
But never to be anything other
Than the growing in her she remains
Inside her boundaries he had
Earned to touch her there in
Chakras and soul and peel himself
Into the man that could stay there
Glowing ceiling of the warm water
How many fish swam with her name
As his tail curled around her to be
Horse of deep water to birth
Everything she touched into being
That had his name with hers
That became a being of creation
That held itself inside deep folds
Of her thoughts and warmed
With the blanket of her womb
He had the place built for them
To let her rooms heal while he cared
And his tail stroked her legs
Where his legs once walked along

There, is where she mourned the death
Of the crazy that walked as
Zombie masks killing her children
There, was where he found his secret
Tourcher to heal even his hidden heart
Inside the labyrinth of hearts
He built inside the cavity their darkness
Vortexed as darkhole until she
Touched every one with words
Because he had their own crazy
Inside his very skin to become
And killing them there, back to his
Zombies as a witness never seeing
Who he ever was but a puppet
As she taught him to cut his strings
He held her closer still, filling her
With his root and seeds, dreaming
Thoughts for his waking walks
To remember his tail when he rose
Upright on a path she already left
Footprints for him to find her
Heart inside a heart of her own
Maze down under her suns
As his way was lit beyond curtain
Into the darkness he thought would be
Darker than anything to even feel
Had everywhere her suns would hide
Growing more light than his eyes
As his sight focused to sharp lines of curves

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