I Am Whole Plus A Place

I am whole plus a place

I am Whole Plus a Place

This trying to not think of you
Trying to think of you more
That arrives in me each morning
Before my dreams have left
Circling the leftover plots of my
Venture, fortune and bizarre's embrace
I wonder if you've said my name
Already there, before me or my daughter
Had awakened the day before us
I'm listening and hear nothing
As I've demanded from the roots
Of tricks I no longer want to know
So I must arise to investigate
For the missing of you inside me
Calls me to your blank screen
As the screams of emptiness
Begin another day I remember
Happiness of me, that is nothing of
The you or the sharing to you
Because there is a whole world
Of my kind of inner wholeness
Besides where you once were
Of course I once held onto
A manifesting from one side
That you would receive my kisses
And my movies to bring to life
The acceptance of the other side
Of manifestation because of two dreams
Is that I will be me either way

Even when every soul that guides me
Mates with every soul that guides you
Reality is beyond such bliss
That a maybe someday awaits
Because you feed the fear beast
Too much of your ego's darkness
That I could possibly not be enough
I am more than this for me and
I never would have thought you
Were this in my own view of you
Maybe your own battle with not good enough
Is the root of who you are
Can you see beyond such projections
As you pine over there in your wanting
Of this woman that is bigger than
That “Impossible Girl” list we know
You have unfolded until taped it
ogether along the lines that edges
The map of your way again to me
Maybe if you put rose oil upon it
And a candle with my name because
You can hear it louder with the chorus
Of our mating guiding spirits
That told you again to talk to me
That united every dimension of us
But this first one where you have
The seeds of stubbornness lining your
Coffin in the spotlight in front of
All the witnessing strangers

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