You're My Gifted Paths

You're my gifted paths

You’re My Gifted Paths

Even on days of silence
My heart hears what my ears cannot
You there, in my breaths
Once upon a light I followed
Can I heal enough, this
Place once taken to hold me down
To rise as if never touched
By hate upon a line up of
Because I can write these
Stories I want you on
To be such pictures I have dreamed
Enjoying our steps and plans
Film it on the way you see
The whispers of dialogue
I wrote from over my shoulders
From every guard and guidance
Once witnessed as I've untied myself
You among my steps always lit
To lift my self upon them again
A path that spoke to me in guise
Of man not written into place
Not a machine to move his moves
Never a part of a place someone made
That was when I told her of it
A place she could be only she
As it grew in me a someone like me
Reflected in the examples I gave
I said goodbye to my bed chains
And rose reaching for you

Again I breathe the fumes of ghosts
Of you inside these beats
That keep me alive in every path
Ever asking me to walk along
Even once it has its arms around me
Because I now know I can have
All of them, all, even thought gone
As you have manifested into
Simple as I've always knew
You prove that the likes as me
Can have the love upon their moves
As I found your light on me
I grow out of my cracks of death
To you, my sun, like princess
Of your own making as strong
As the gentle in you, you hold
Because you are a man to be charmed
As I call you by the meaning
Of your name, My Gift of
The Light, God or Gods, The Universe
And all that calls in The Deep
I hold unwrapped in breathing
As hand upon my chest
I hear you there in my beats
Of whispered paths I'm on
Because My Gift has lit my way
I've been on and on and on
Easier to see that I will live
With wings now on my everything

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