Her Wings Of Source

Her wings of source

Her Wings of Source

A world of where
A girl's soul never planned
To have bigger pain and
Bigger understanding as
The beautiful came
She sat in her gifts
Of peacock feathers
To wonder of the wings
That left them as her line
Of alignment understanding
Remembered was the war
She thought she had for desire
To turn her psyche to weapons
As her intended refused the blows
For she was sent away into
Her own explosion
She remembered she was child
To learn Mother's wisdom
Of Mother never giving in
To her pull to destroy paths
She feared
Mother would walk them anyway
Mother learned despite her own
Matron missing from where
Grandmother scarred
Now she was blessed with
The love Mother had for herself
To give
Scars melted to beyond
Spirit light
She discovered when
She did not like and
Put conditions to fix
Before anything was likable
Was flawed as lesson began
That there was always a likable in her
A love she could have for herself
She listed her simple qualities
That remained
That she loved
And could not remember
Ever not loving as she did
How many the hours and days
She had planned
To destroy over
How many times she was still
Sent away to discover
To be liked and stood in anger
And hate and who could like
Gone now
She breathed a day
She wanted to remember instead
Then Mother thought of all the plans
Her daughter's soul made bigger
Enjoying the watching of child's
Self-discovering joy
She had made all by herself
Because she had to remember
The path that wasn't pain
Mother let go a little bit more
As her own girl's wings pretended
She was the peacock that rose
From the source of the Universe
It dwelled
Over her pets of chickens watching
And as the dragonflies
Gathered in meeting place
Where she would be to walk again
She found the overlapping of
Everything beautiful
That was asked and asked of
She glided her landing in home
She watched her magic
Lifted overhead like
Secondhand necklace
From stars
She went to sing as she
Cleaned up what chaos left behind
Building pockets of contemplation
There was the same magic
With an easier start
From Mother the night before
Before she resisted
And why was her questions she forgot
As the resistance was gone
No longer the wonder of
Self infliction
As her light bounced before her
Dance of seemingly normal day
Of cleaning her trail of dropped-behind
Would she keep remembering
Her Mother knew
And if she forgot
Would she remember, she did
She continued to find
The hunger of nutrients
To continue this walk
Then she fears what
She will still feel
And interrupts Mother's words
For a question to run and hide
She wanted away from
The energy and forget
Mother was warm
She wants to remember to live
In the moment
And hid in the what-she-was-doing
With thoughts of what-to-do-next
Instead of the enjoying
Mother feels her and felt her
As Mother continues to be aware
When her girl wandered into the drowning
And coaxed her once again
To the footing under the sun
There, is where she remembers that
Was the best part
Was to wear the stars forgotten
And lift her arms
To her heart to call more
And the what, that is easy and easier

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