My Give-up Give-in Loop of New Wings

My give-ip give-in loop of new wings

My Give-up Give-in Loop Of New Wings

I can't dream of kissing you
Because I think that vision's broken
As I mend my horizon's mountains
Traces of you have walked the shadows
I no longer fancy the birth of things
Like the desire I've carried in my loins
Since I was a girl becoming me
Is my identity only this that is numb
As justifying parent decides I'm a stage
And all along I've been woman
Accept a you, held the babies
Before they ever where, instead of
Me dying inside again and again
As we've never started, too much
All these almosts hanging around me
As if they had a life to fruition
Maybe because we've met like the rest
Of seven, making love with kisses
For a future we still cannot touch
Because you’re a man out there
I am in pleasure and heaven of the warmth
Of sealed windows to hold our breath
Who was she/is she that is all of them
That with less suffering has already held
You as many times in her arms
Because they already get what we've been
Weaving into the suffering to release
What were you if not but another
Test as to whether I own my strings

Still in the middle of “you never came”
Learning how to think of beautiful
Instead of things that hurt my existence
Instead of the wish I once made
This lovely life I am and have, can be
Whether you ever will or never will
I'll only watch what is and the done
As I've become real sight for my heart
Even in moments of “I would never think of”
Because of the unique of where
I stumble into life and in anyway
I am open to the strangest of pleasure
To bring me what I need in mind
I could walk in smooth love and warmth
To reach such irregular that I need
I am unique enough to gain in advantage
Whether in kisses or living in a giant
As I've already begun to fly in my coma
I thought I woke and awoke to
Awaken, yet I've found sleep
Is still pulled from my bones
I thought you were me in all pulling
To bring my madness into genius
But it would seem unsung love
Serenaded from my balcony is
My open doors still calling you
Even in waves of isolated sadness
I get over to remember to move

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