Our Nature Is Challenge

Our Nature is Challenge

Our Nature Is Challenge

As I've begun to relax more into the direction I wish to be, I've been naturally allowing things to fall into place for these goals I’ve dreamed big of. This allowing is something I remember knowing how to do, but have gotten because of some suffocating blocks to this ability, and have it back again. It is not about excuses and such, I bring it up to show my notice of this great natural ability’s return. I went to visit a friend and a hawk sat on a fence post close enough I could see his pupil and a good six separate flocks of sparrows, alternating from each side of the car. Then I thought I saw a rabbit wandering along the roadside. We drove slower. It was a badger! Wow, never saw one of those before. It was even closer to us than the hawk was.

I remember nature. As many may wonder how I couldn't? Many don't even think of it. They miss even the photographs that others eyes catch. It is a dangerous place to get into, not seeing what it speaks regularly. I know it is not something some want to think about, but we are a part of the animal kingdom. No matter your busy, deep thinking mind, it will always be speaking from nature.

As I took my path to where I was going, I was nervous to go start a type of writing there (I had been wanting to do). I felt my whole world outside of my head was joining the joy of my spirit. We are, after all, experiencing separate lives as the only one in the Universe. When was the last time you felt that feeling (being the only one really here, creating it all)? Is that easier than just being an animal?

I've been wondering what the conflict outside of me is. Have you noticed yours? It is interesting, but not personal anymore. It seems to be solving itself and landing where it wasn't before, interacting with me to find me interesting. I like that feeling. My interest in the world seems to be a constant scene in a movie lately. My feelings as alive as when I was a teen and a young adult, wanting to know and feeling invincible. It is returning. Yours can too. It is not an age thing like told to you. Forgetting this is your world, is a sickness. You can heal from that.

Ancient Chinese medicine (and modern descendants of such) believe that age is just a symptom of illness and it can be healed. I most definitely believe this of my mind and soul; my body has been through much, but is evolving into this too. This is us, telling ourselves in our own reflections, what needs our love and what needs less stress. What would be an instant cure for most, from their stresses? Nature is the most to calm people, and our pets. I've recommended these types of meditations before. I think it is best to find even another way, a new way, as often as your genius will let you. Nature and the world changes as you do, as I do. We are only one inside us, watching this place form before us, if we are enjoying it enough.

Yes, technically (if spirit can be technical), spirit are never alone, but inside us, we are. We have visitors that help us, but not while using our mind. No one is in here, in you but you. Your perspective will adjust (as manifestation has been theorized and discussed) with the fun of every moment, into more fun arriving.

Even this regular article I write, became a little harder to come up with when I challenged my writing in another part of my schedule. I wouldn't change that though. I love the feeling that I could give you another story, and how can I tell you differently. Well, I'm sure even here is different to you to. So, take that as a sign on how to apply it for yourself. What is it you love to do and do regularly that you can challenge yourself in too?

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