Director-Writer Partnership

director-writer partnership

Director-Writer Partnership

I am a novelist, so technically I understand what a director does as far as making a picture. I choose to not be a director, I like the way I do my work and when I write a script, I enjoy what it becomes with an other's vision. I get very well, the ones that choose to write and direct, to make their world seen, it is what I do in a novel or in a painting for the cover of a novel, but that is enough for me. Now, in this film industry world, where do I stand? I think I need to find a good partnership with a director, but am I leaving out opportunity with many different directors, since I am of a rare mind, of many different genres and styles.

I'll start with a producer, though many know I am willing to be a producer myself one day; so, meeting and working with them is a great opportunity to learn. The thing is, that is if they let me in. To be just a scriptwriter leaves you out of a lot of things. Even if I give promises to not interfere, just learn, I think I would be pushed further and further back. So, again, I look for a partnership. Do they have those anymore? In the 1950's musicals, there were writer-director partnerships that made a whole line of movies to their name. Yes, I've seen a few one time partnerships in independent film, and of course there have been a few blockbuster lines of movies in the 1970's and 1980's with partnerships too. It does not seem to be a goal but a decision in the planning led them there.

I want one that when my name is thought of in movies, so is my partner's and visa versa. Do you see this? Have you also wondered where they all went and if that is the end of such things in the movies anymore? I have. I want it and strive for it, but I also want my movies made, and I do my queries with just me attached to the request because I'm only entering this world. I understand it pretty well for an outsider, but am still an outsider. Everyone is at one time, and then things change, we get that experience without even looking.

Now, of course, with the added hot topic, that I am a woman writer, what do I do? Besides enter this industry like everyone else does, one leg at a time. I mean, a partner. Do I go for the woman and be linked with this world as a duo-female team, or do I gain a male as a partner, putting the male thoughts into what was once female thoughts and getting the most out of the story, like companies that have equal men and women at the board. Or, just let life bring me a friend and wait and see, like a C
racker Jacks prize. I'm already trying to recruit my friend that took pictures of me to help me make a short documentary of me. She is wary but curious. It is also a must, to fit into two people's separate busy schedules because we'd only be paid for the art of it at this point, or until we learn as we go a bit more. I mean unless there is a demand for a freshly divorced Asberger single mother home schooling her same minded daughter while she survives on minimal income from ex, to have her career as author-artist-model make it reality shows. Yes, a man would do any struggle to make it. No one would think twice of his commitment to a career, to his successes. A woman would to, this woman is.

Life is magic like this you know. As you sit there with your own version of things, waiting to know answers for your next steps, remember, find any step you can take and the other steps will find you. That whole huge saying
build it and they will come. That is true for you and me. It is for my partner, and my connections, as well as any order Source wants to put it, while I keep sticking my neck out to the next level of height. There are a lot more people that fit my wishes and goals, each level I go up. Do you really think video games and D&D invented level ups? It is how you become someone, or show everyone else you are someone, since you know you already are. Are you someone? Then, find those steps and go up another level with me. Maybe on one of those levels I’ll discover I really am a writer-director or writer independent and loud.

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