Sep 2015

Moving On? ...Or Becoming!

moving on becoming

Moving On?...Or Becoming!

How many situations have you been in where everything you knew was different, changed? You pack up a past and it stirs memories in every piece of clothing you put into a new closet, with all the new clothes you got to help you handle the change. Most likely, before the event you went through, many people seemed to fade away, making room for this new. Meanwhile, you didn't take on anything that didn't fit, watching how things lay out and connect to answers you were once nowhere near to discover. It is a magic we go through, just being human.

It just arrives when you are grateful for every “No” (along with the easier to accept “Yes’s”) that has led you to this amazing answer and first jump into a path hidden from the dwelling once focused on. I believe how far you let go of what isn't working, all the way along the chain of changes, that we often have an awareness. Some miss this, wanting to just get the one thing over with, but leaps are always available when self-mindfulness is invited.

Stress is the first clue there is something or many somethings to let go. Whether it is something external, internal, or both, it is time to change your mind, body, spirit, and interactions. Yes, sometimes it is hard to see and how to do, but one step at a time, combined with a few
all at once's, you figure out the pieces you need to ease. Stress means it is time to learn ease, not worry or more stress. Opening your hands from the grip of what was causing you pain, for it to no longer tear. As they say, you will then be able to grab on to a new experience, that won't cause the pain. Though your fears had blinded you until it hurt enough to no longer look away, you can see that, what you feel like, appeared out of no where to be. Other feelings and opportunities were there the whole time you were wishing it was, and your fearing of, blocked.

It is amazing how much you could enlighten yourself and still find you were blinded by that light, not seeing the darkness parts of you, you were in. It is good to focus on the light, but never keep yourself from walks in the dark. It is the line on the edge of that darkness where all the madness lives, so go in, and find your way back out. This is actually a short trip once you are no longer circling it. There is often nothing there. It is our thoughts of what could be there (on that edge) that make us crazy or paralyzingly sad.

We have discovered along the way, how to be mindful, to empathize, to sympathize, and to love the people around us and respect humans and life in general. Self-mindfulness, is an awareness to keep forward (and not revert) what we do change, to catch our mind tricking us. This is a thinking process, to stay the new person, you freed yourself into being. To remember kindness no matter your mood and fun, no matter a situation, is a bit of a constant effort in the beginning, but eventually, it is not thought of anymore. How do you be aware of habits you want and don't want, and not fall into new habits of oblivion? It is self-mindfulness. All that discipline (or awareness that you had lack of discipline) as a child, was to teach you self-discipline. So, how are you doing? Do you need to guide yourself with interesting little patterns, that you allowed yourself to develop instead of
getting into trouble? Something like that.

You learn what you want to become. You look at all that you admire alongside all that you have wished for. You make lists of each and a third one to get you between each of them. Somewhere in there are traits you want to learn. So, an agenda forms for each one. The pattern comes in when you make all these agendas and compare. The interlinking ones are the most important. It is also the beginning of self-mindfulness. Getting to understand the thinking process you have now and how someone with these traits thinks, creates the patterns you want to learn. Remember, admiration is a reflection of ourselves as much as repetition of negative traits that were showing up were projections. Turn them around. Notice these things you admire (in people and moments, or even in yourself) more than the qualities you do not like, that were showing up (only enough to be aware, so you are not denying). See which ones could feel good, instead of those others. Do you already have some of these if you keep attention to it?

I myself, practice self-mindfulness. It is in all of my adjusting goal plans. They always were, once you too notice. Flexible goals are the best kind of goal-making skills to have. So, in this kind of always moving, goal system (also adding a lot of goals to that system), opportunities to do something at an unplanned time and/or in an unplanned place (that lead you to ideas that light up those lists you once made) can become a regular thing. Those wishes at the other end of the charts you made, on paper or in your daydreams, are seen, in reality. You don't want to miss them, so you keep bringing yourself back to the present, and how you've never been here before. This present, is always a
never before and you don't want to miss it.


Importance of Psychic Validation

psychic validation

Importance of Psychic VALIDATION

Where can I begin, other than, validation is a must when pursuing intuitive advancement? This is not some relationship request of, 'oh baby, prove to me that you love me.' Though, sort of. It could definitely define your relationships from here on as to whether they are moving you forward with a stronger intuition or if they are a reason it hadn't advanced. and just maybe you need to end the closeness of such suppression. I mean, haven't you found it odd, the lengths skeptics will go through to cheat, to prove you wrong, rather than the other way around? It is not just a draw of differences of opinion here, when it comes to your own internal analysis. So, it is interference if it is anything other than validating when you are right about things. It is a will on their part to get away with something: like what is real, or what you have to decide, and the urgency. It is a matter of your soul, to grow like this.

This is not a religious discussion or even a discussion of
is there is a soul. For the sake of forward, it is best to think there is a deeper energy in you than just your mind and heart. You do not have to have followers or follow anything or anyone to advance this. It is a state of being in life, that has sources to a knowledge and wisdom that cannot be reached denying it. So, spirituality is another must in this case. It is not proof or disproof if there is a spirit, or if your friend has one too. It is a matter of growing into a happiness and understanding that seems to not have been reached any other way. Perhaps it is just a depth of mind that reaches a bigger consciousness we are all connected to, but that does not have to be named a soul or anything, to know you've touched it.

So, there you are, with your spirit and your depth and now you want to go that way to touch it deeper and brighter. Do you have surroundings that support this? When you know something, are you supported by the living, or just wandering along with the clues the universe speaks, to say that you are right? At any point, either will do, but there is an importance to finding a trusted seeker. Someone who wants to learn like you, their own depths and when you cross learning experiences, you grow faster together than you would have apart. That is usually because of validation. Yes, a love helps, but proof that you knew they were right about something and you said it out loud and visa versa, are more important than the relationship itself. Though that seems moot, because if you did not have such love, why share? Well, some have been damaged, is the answer. So, be careful. A person can be very psychic because of trauma, it became survival. So, watch them, make sure their survival is not on overdrive, driving you under.

Let's start with, you have lived more than this life. So, your soul knows more than you do, a given. Why don't you know what it knows? Simple, it would hurt what you are trying to learn now. There are doors to them though. These doors can be open through acknowledgment of your masterings. Whether you've sought your own proof or that friend you found, to help with fun, seeking games to wisdom; the doors will only click when it is time, or if ever. You are here for many reasons, and one may be to bring something from your soul that has not been expressed as a human before. That can only happen when that is opened with trust and prudence, that come from the magic of validation of 'this is really going on.' It is a matter of, do you have integrity, and do those you surround yourself with do to?

So, moving forward, validation will feel right, whether you do it or receive it, and this will guide you to doors and growth. If you practice it, it will bring you those who also practice it. This will give you openings in directions that help you understand yourself on amazing levels. It will bring you opportunities and more people who fit. Of course, have fun with it. That is what brings everything you want in life anyway, fun. Validation is just one more tool that moves fun along your way. The many possible ways you can implement it, are quite entertaining. Once you start, you will find yourself looking for the smallest way to prove a synchronicity; or unique ways to do big messages. Witnessing is a joy, but speaking it is too.


2nd Chakra Mystery to Healing

2nd chakra mystery to healing
2nd Chakra Mystery to Healing

I want to write about the creative empath and second chakra health; and how when we love, we allow our lovers to fill them, there, like a hug. When we are unaware of it, it can hurt and feel exhausted when you don't fill it with its missing love, with your own love, if needed (because your lover is gone), so you can use it again to work.

How to stop the accidental dependance on someone else's love filling you that way, to do anything at all? We understand our heart needs healing and because we need three kinds of time to be healthy with ones we are close to (together, alone, and parallel), we knew how to train our hearts and minds that we are still loved, in our hearts and minds, even when we are doing self-love for our needed love of self-activity and goals. Now, what about our other chakras?

Well, the second chakra is the most damaged, if you did not know this somehow in a healthy family environment upbringing. The second chakra holds our creativity and our sex drive and we absently have dismissed it as,
I'll just play with myself and let's move on now. That isn't all that goes on there for it to feel pleased enough to produce and if this happens, it can drain you of all energy to produce loved projects. It is almost where your inner child lives and if you don't fill it with warmth, it is bedridden and your eager is killed.

When it is to a point where a relationship is a breakup or a long uncertain separation, do you often find that you are also dealing with and an upset that makes you want to curl into the fetal position? Is it sadness alone? Is it just
depression? No, it is your second chakra aching its missed friend. Be this friend, and it will snap you out of that part of the issue and get you into working on something, to then heal your heart and mind, by creating.

Don't forget when you have a strong love and healthy intimacy, your second chakras are puzzle pieces that fit together in a special energy of the chakra, similar to sex organs are. They can feel less whole if this stops, or worse, breaks; fill it with love, breathe into it, feeling of tight hugs. Then, it can remember self-love again. Proper care to replenish a love there, will heal back into a lone person: A whole, loved one.

I pat it and hold it. I talk loving at it, like,
it is okay to miss him. We can stay loving him and I love you too there. Meditate regularly on a deep inhale that feels tight in the muscles and fills your aura with energy to the tips. During this, especially concentrate on the 1st, 2nd , and 3rd chakras opening up. It is good to go all the way up if needed, but we are concentrating on the open feeling and the filled feeling at the same time, into the second chakra. Then, other times in the day, remind yourself of what is fun in your life. (The feeling I’m describing above, is a mimic of when you feel happy or excited and you hold your tummy in with those emotions similar to excitement and it fills it, like that, like you are eager again for something) You can miss someone, and still take care of yourself and find the fun around you or make some fun. For instance, dressing up is fun, or drawing is fun. Now remember, all emotions are waves and it is okay to cry and miss your person, but it is also okay to go have other emotions that may even feel like contentment or joy. You are alive, and loved by you. You are always loved (when no one is there, you love you).


If I Spoke to You, Is It Only Your Soul?

If I spoke to you

If I Spoke to You, Is It Only Your Soul?

So, how does telepathy work? And, by all means, let's do it with permission. Well, from one side, I can say, yes. It doesn't really matter. Telepathy is a form of manifestation that includes another. It brings you a mind game that brings you into what would work or not work with that person and then you decide whether to pursue. It can include how to approach a large group of people, like an audience as well.

If I were to decide I wanted to reach out to a person I wanted to be on the same level with or am (except for minor things on both sides) this is a possibility. It brings unexpected flaws into the mix and then I would decide what I think of those flaws and adjust myself accordingly to attract them or a different person without such flaws. In the end, it is always up to us as to what kind of relationship we are having and this, despite the interaction it mimics, is no exception.

Despite my massive mastering experience in making characters (and to their deepest possibilities and how much those characters surprise me when I write with them), the person I choose (if I do, because it is extremely intimate and they have to give permission as to their own interest) is nothing I could ever imagine. Their pros and cons are both, often shocking. Well, this is for me, but it may not be for you. It mostly is for me because I am attracted to multi-mastering, deep emotional veterans, and those people are amazing, and nothing as to what one would expect with their calm surfaces. They are authentic and vulnerable and when you get to know them, psychically or personally, they will be intense and full of multiple things that have brought them to their top field. It may make you question your own ambitions it is so strong in them.

Enough of my interest, what of yours? Do you only want to know whether to pursue your co-worker? It may only take a few 'day dreams' and you will know and make your move, or run as the case may be. You can find out where your husband is when he is late, if he will tell you (most will). That last example can ease your mind that they are safe. Especially if all you ask is, are you safe.

I guess it does not matter if it is your soul I am speaking to. I just may love him anyway and move on with my goals because I had such an experience inside a warm light. I have had doubts as to being in a relationship with a fellow psychic person, but lately, I think everyone successful is a little psychic (more likely a lot psychic), and I do want to be serious with someone who understands my ambitions and drives. I do not mix well with wet blanket personalities. I am already on the top as far as I'm concerned and my path has been opening before me because I see it that way. Such successful people in this path, they are complex and wonderful. They heal fast and drive hard. I like that, even if it is only their soul that can tell me what it is like over in that light that is hitting me because I'm heading that way too.

So, if you hear my voice, telling you poems just for you? It may be that you can see where I am going and my stage is waiting for your seat before me: Nothing more. Or is it because you are already in that stage presence? Well, tell me about it then...