Nov 2015




How often have you come across an excited person with waves of talking fast? Did you know how calm such a person actually is? This is just a sign of a fast mind and being able to express it and keep it fast to do all that they love to do that is important and enjoyable to them. Are you at peace? Peace will be how you find your encounters if you are at peace. If a person has not expressed that they are troubled, why would you assume that they are because they are talking a lot? I'm not saying anyone ever has a need to talk, but it is just a sign they are looking to connect and they will move on to their work if you don't. There are big worlds inside creative minds and sometimes, these same people will spend days by themselves not saying a thing. What would be the conversation you would want after you built stories? What would be the connection you would seek?

Creative people are everywhere and often withdrawn because they are quite happy and content and when they interact with those other than the creative way of life, they are often accused of being other than. Why is this? It is mistaken identity and there is a way to sift through, without defense, to a different conversation than you stumbled into when this happens. First of all, that is the conversation they want. They may be in a mood that they want to know they know more than someone, so they express unsolicited wisdom onto the introduction. Perhaps it is because whatever you've chosen to talk about sound the same, when you are actually just stuck in your head. Reflection and projection is a hard job to carry.

I've found lately, maybe because I've healed so much, I draw someone wanting healing toward me and so I reflect. They then pursue to give me what they need. I am becoming of the thought, to take this much less personally than the initial feeling gives. Sometimes it is a warm day where the snow is melting and you go out to remember nature and run across a neighbor. You have a conversation you did not expect and they feel good talking to you and want to do the same, so the unsolicited wisdom comes again. So, what is it that they do know? Is it possible to just agree? I get it, so that does not mean I have to prove I got it before them. I just agree when it feels good because I know how it felt when I wanted to tell someone where to go once. I don't have to go there and I don't have to tell anyone where to go again. It is a matter of I
'll see you when you get there and perhaps that is all they had to say to me, that they were at one of the places I've been.

I feel quite conceited now when I look back on things when I thought I knew something I had to tell someone because somehow I knew how to help. Did they ask? Now, that others feel like they must tell me while I am going through a major change, how to change, I'll just let them and then I'll change the way I planned anyway. They are right after all. Maybe not right for me right now, but somewhere they were right, and for them they are right, so, if I can tell them, I reflect back what they were saying and remember a sample or a story. Sometimes I'll share the sample or story and sometimes I look at the vision floating above them while they help me some more.

The thing is, I am free now and I can take the help I wish and delegate it where it needs to go, or I just let them talk or oblige themselves until I can finally say clearer I don't want that, I want this, if I must. I don't think help put upon me to have a hard time, just so that they can help, can even find me anymore. They are just talking and I respond and then I live it my way. The most beautiful thing I’ve discovered is to find the one line, one thing I can agree with or even get excited about and that focus alone can take the conversation to some wonderful directions.


14 *OTHER* Meditations

14 other meditations

14 *OTHER* Meditations

Porch Meditation

When you lie next to an open window or on a porch in the shade and allow your mind to drift into a nap, but the sunny, awake neighborhood keeps you from going deep enough to actually sleep.

Tea Wall Meditation

You get a tea, or warm beverage and sit in front of a wall by yourself and let the playing and sipping of the tea help you forget the wall is there.

Tea Nature Meditation

You get your tea or wine and sit in the middle of your dark back yard and listen to the sounds of setting sun nature or middle of the night nature, letting the sips of your drink remind you that you are present on the ground while the sounds take you to a forgetting.

Hot Bath Meditation

You take your weary body from sadness or epiphany and put it in the hottest water you can handle, sinking down, allowing the instant change of presence inside the water, to happen all at once and stay as long as you can, so that when you leave, you forget why you came.

Song on Song off Meditation

It's as easy as it sounds. Turn on a station of the style or a song you are drawn to and allow yourself to get absorbed by the music playing and then turn it off and feel and hear how loud the silence is after you had gone with the music. Stay in that silence, “spacing” as long as you find yourself in a “spacey” thought.

Journaling Meditation

You go into your journal to write without a thought as this is what a journal is for, but it is off set from your usual time, you've added extra pages to your plans and you take it to a coffee shop or a place in nature for a date with it.

Silent Movie Meditation

This one is self descriptive, especially if you pop in an old silent movie and let it bring you some peace with how it sweeps you away, but you can also put in a favorite movie on mute alone with some of your favorite music and let that take you away.

Doodle Meditation

You don't have to be an artist for this one just like you didn't have to be a writer to do the journal one. Just scribble and whirl and look at it sometimes and half the time at the wall or window. Then when loops and lines have filled up a page, go to another, or turn all your “clouds” into pictures.

Micro Poem Meditation

You can do this whether you are poetic or not. If you think you are not, don't publish them and write them down in a special small notebook. But, the 140 character limitation on twitter is perfect to write with a rhythm as fast as you can. Use prompts, or just your mood, but after five or twenty, you'll be quite enlightened about your 'stillness.'

Train Meditation

If you are in the passenger car, you will only get a lucid sleep anyway, let it take you to rest the same way as the porch meditation, you can do this in an automobile too, if someone else is driving. Either of these can be window drifting trances as well, day or night.

Character Meditation

Either take two you've made up and developed (from different stories or eventual stories) or take two from two different novels or short stories and find a way for them to meet: A train, a bar, a restaurant; how would they meet and what would happen? You don't have to be a writer to enjoy that one, just imaginative and maybe a reader (at least once a reader).

Walking Meditation

This one is a common suggestion but I'll describe it as, a walk in nature or through your neighborhood where you let the path itself take you inside a trance and often look around to notice very specific things in nature that such presence would only catch. At the end of your walk as you turn around, make it a circle and it will put the walking out of a labyrinth into your meditation trek back as well.

Itching Meditation

This one only works if you actually have an itch or a medication side effect that does this (how I discovered it). When you feel the itch, you go about your day or sleep thinking of how that part of your body is being energetically or spiritually (and instantly) healed and you try to keep your mind off of wanting to scratch by stroking and petting the itchy area with those kinds of thoughts.

Einstein Meditation

When you purposely barely fall asleep and wake up, is a state Einstein strived to be in. He felt that, that was where the universe told its secrets and advanced beings (a part of how advanced the universe could be) could speak there as well. He would sit in a chair to take a “nap” holding a ball in his hand. When the ball dropped, it would wake him up when he could still remember the state he was in without actual sleep taking him away. It is good to practice this on a day with less sleep. It does bring some interesting things to your mind.


Walking the Labyrinth to Sleep

walking the labyrinth to sleep

Walking the Labyrinth to Sleep

If you've walked a neighborhood or a small town, you know the daze you can end up in. A constant path that leaves you spacing, but into yourself, while at the same time find you are deeper into the world, though just a familiar route. This is the same before you go to sleep. If you want to add it to your sleep routine, continue with starting your favorite stories or images or other sleep ready rituals, and then you go in and out of watching your feet follow a line deep into a labyrinth until it spirals to the center and then out again.

What is the point? It is a meditation, is the simple answer, and meditations bring peace. It is your life and it brings you the memories and goals that have all the meanings for it, a deeper answer. It will bring you a good night sleep is the calling answer, most likely. Do you remember why you would follow a labyrinth to begin with? It is to find your closest connection to your own spirit, and then out again to bring it with you.

Even while driving, have you ever took a circular route to get where you were planing on going but you kept taking the “wrong” turn or early turn. I've always felt I was avoiding an accident or meant to see something on the alternate root, but maybe it is our longing to go deep inside our soul that is surfacing in our everyday task to get somewhere.

Once in the center, maybe you will dwell there for a while because that is where you will go under into sleep, but you can go out again and still bring you deep sleep. It could just be a promise to yourself that after entering the center, you will exit, whether you do the exiting inside a dream or do it at your lucid dream-entry where you began. Yet, the most important part is the first steps in and follow your feet while the walls and turns become what they must, to speak to you about how to go this deeper place you've found.

Creatures sometimes come, but they are what they must be. Do not let anyone keep you from the next door and the next door though. No matter their convincing, the door is open for you to go in, or archway, or turn. Usually your labyrinth is in the open, to see the sky with tall walls of beautiful plants and swirls of artistic, moving, paintings. You may even enter those paintings and if you do, it may take several nights to finish the labyrinth, but your path is your path and it will be healing. It will be intense and enjoyable through most of it and you will forget you are traveling and you will forget you have a goal and you will walk it anyway until the center walks you back out.

Write your vows of entering on pages of journal or poetry, or even a note to yourself and just put it under your pillow; then, you will wake up easily in the morning to remember and account for your experience, whether in wakeful daydream to work or in your journal again. Go over and over it, to remember, and all the clues will show up. It is something to ponder on, like a great vacation, yet, it is just a path to dreaming. A place to warm your soul and ignite a fire or burn your fire brighter. Sweet Dreams.