May 2015

The Magic of Idle

The Magic Of Idol

The Magic of Idle

There is a time you must do nothing. As simple as it is, it is not an easy thing to do for most. Some grew up with shame, that doing nothing meant wasting time. Yet, idle time is the main ingredient to genius. If you do not give this time to yourself, your work is limited. It is more than daydreaming, and at times, it could even be a lot less than that. Though it can lead to little spurts of such daydreaming, it is more space than that. So, when was the last time, you went and got a tea, or glass of water and sat by a window, or in a bare room, or out on your porch and stared into the air until you forgot you were there?

I suppose you are the type that gets restless and paces if boredom gets too close. Maybe you will not be frustrated as rumored from childhood. Even if your fear and your memory of what sitting brings comes seeping in, relax, it is not boring, it is contentment. You know, contentment, the calm side of joy, of bliss. Yet, our memories bring shame in such
wasting of time. You must now recognize that this is relevant time. If you want to bring storms to your work, you must do nothing for a bit. It is fuel. If you never did a project on this fuel, give it a day. Let yourself have a day off.

You can plan your nothing a bit, but mostly don't. You could get dressed and have a morning routine still (don't sometimes as well) and then stop everything. You could also take long slow walks, to start allowing yourself an almost nothing at first. Then, when you are ready, sit on a rock and stare into nature. You could also sit in bed with tea or at the table with a notebook and a ball point pen, making curls and swirls while twisting your hair. These are all the things many have been taught, to stop. If you want to create something on a level you never thought possible, this is how you do it. Don’t stop, start. Keep it up.

One thing such idle practice will also do, is keep away illness. Disease is just dis-ease, as they say, and if you plan your ease, it won't be forced upon you. At first, you may find, yourself doing a lot of it, but you are starving for it. Give that
vacation to your off time for now. Then when you are ready, let it fill your life, it may be one to three hours a day; or, a half hour a day and on the weekend make it five hours a day. It could terrify you to think of so much time gone when you look over your week and plan this, but when you go back to your work, you will get more time out of that. You will have instant ideas. In these moments scheduled or otherwise, it is good to have paper and pen around to make lists of all the ideas you will be having.

There is also another wonderful experience to this. During your idle time, you will find, time slows down and you get a lot out of your nothing, twice as much at the least. You will gain the knowledge of letting go. This is very good to cleanse your stress off. This can be a type of meditation. An unguided meditation to bring you to your thoughts where the universe puts into you. It will feel like your own, and our universe does not mind you claiming it. We are vessels, but there is no ego in this. You will feel like you've been reading ten books a week more than usual, with the amount of knowledge you will start bringing to your work. You will find a little more wisdom in your confidence.

So, what kind of nothing will you do today. Make sure you get plenty in before bed. Remember, wasting time is only when you are avoiding doing anything. This is a purposeful nothing you have set aside time for. Begin to find your magic in this idle you make. Your projects will be your thank you.


My Dr. Journal

Dr. Journal

My Dr. Journal

People have asked me how I self-advocate so well. I would have to say the years of journaling have been a big influence. For more on how to do it, you can look up Julia Cameron's 'Morning Pages' on any search engine. This article will focus on the why and the benefits beyond creating and getting rid of the critic. To go into a regular place, like a journal, is as beneficial or even more beneficial than a daily psychiatrist.

I have found that I've learned to properly express my grievances without starting arguments; bringing out things on my mind way before they bother me enough to feel burdened or hurt. Then, I'll weigh it over, as the pages will do. By the end of my entrance for the day, I'll feel I must act if such an act comes up. In other words, I'll advocate for myself. It is a wonderful experience to watch grow in yourself. The pages help you notice this strength gain its life in you, with each day's little things regularly expressed.

This is why Julia's suggested daily three pages is a definite recommendation. The subtle experiences are necessary for personal growth as large as you want to accomplish. The small steps are important to not make a wave around you or inside you. Then suddenly those steps add up, as the saying goes, to miles.

Another pleasant advantage to this practice is, people will begin to not bother you. You figure out their methods and secrets, or accidents, to getting under your skin. Then you can make those buttons on yourself disappear. Such people will begin to find you quite slippery and look for easier prey. Your life will start making room for better people with better treatment habits. As you discuss in your papers who you meet, you will notice them more than you thought . You will bring the minute to the front of your brain. You will know when someone is a better standard on a more timely basis, and save a lot of pain. You will also know when to keep going and look for different.

The best thing about this is on a day you've had quite a strain and you do some extra pages. If you wonder if you are losing your mind, there on the pages will reveal your real battle. You can breathe easier after a couple of sentences, that you are talking to someone who knows you and they think you will turn out alright. They'll give you proof. We all have those pushing, chaotic moments. They often show up, the harder you propel yourself in your goals, going outside of your comfort zone as much as possible. This will be the one comfort zone you can afford to keep. It will tell you all about where to go next, not holding back. Avoiding doing your journal, during a hard day, may. Remember those questions that you have, will get answered in there, if you write fast enough. You write it so fast that you are through with the sentence before you even knew what you were going to say. (What happens is sometimes we already knew, sometimes it is our higher self, and sometimes our guiding spirits.) It will seem like magic, or it just may be.

The spiritual aspect of this is an advantage. It is one of the easiest ways to soul search out there, other than staring off into space for hours. Yes, meditation will always have its place, no matter the way you do it, and this is one more way. Seeing things from multiple angles really moves us through our problems and highlights what is working.

So, if you want to find yourself getting your act together, and be your own guru. Get out your notebooks or special pads and write every single thought that comes up with no worries of sentence structure or change of topic or if you ever make a paragraph, then go as fast as you can until three pages are done. Make sure you visit your Dr. Journal daily and you will have less need for other kinds of doctors. When you do need a doctor, your pages will tell you too. Get started and find the love of your life, you.