Politics in a Small Town, Colorado, USA

Politics in Small Town Colorado, USA

Politics in a Small Town, Colorado, USA

I AM NOT Entertained: Because we need more 'Of the people, by the people, for the people.' What is this that we have become padded friends in voting places not voted for, and over-zealous power where representation was all that was ever to be? I know I am not the only one, looking for a place to explain what has tripped up the sleeping people to now be awake, and looking for answers. It has seemed that all the normal routes to a revolution has been squashed from what our own constitution promises to be flexible for. Groups of generations and open eyes, wandering our counties (of our countryside) for a place to take our internet stores and telecommuting jobs to maybe find peace in a pasture or mountain.

Small towns are not what they used to be in more ways than
ghost towning their commerce, and if under a 200 population, they would be lucky to have at least a gas station anymore. It is beyond the great exodus Generation X did when big cities called them to go and be understood (when working hard was not available despite the willingness, because expressing who they were and giving their passions, was more important). Of course, the internet has been blamed, along with ease of a car being able to withstand long trips along the freeway to change where we could go to get what was needed, and we wanted more. There is a corruption, that on a micro-scale, can be seen, even here in small towns of Colorado, as to what is causing multi-generations of unhappiness with our macro-scale, and our country.

So, out in the everywhere Colorado, and pieces of other states' also, it is time for a change among the places abandoned from yesterday, to be a new view again. Despite the shock of corruption that was started a few decades ago into our government and the governed (on the level it is now), we have found on these small glimpses of
I caught you, on small town boards. Though we've found them, can that them possible to clean up? It is desire to research, that is really the recognition, an understanding as important as to have a mobile phone.

Whether realized, it is not what the studies that claim statistics of the populous' shorter attention span, to be true; Because it was an unfair measurement of what is really becoming common among the
developed world. What is really happening is that we are grasping things faster so we need less time to find what we need to enlighten us to our surroundings: even government.

Flash mobs and protests are one thing, but many discovering the truth at once, because the same many have noticed parallel things not adding up, and seeking answers, calling out the
smallest lack of integrity. Fortunately, the ones that do not get personal honesty, do not even know how to defend their toxin, when facing it as an argument. Maybe it is a people, a world, that no longer wants to have psychopaths steal our freedoms and rights to be puppets. We don't want toxin out of our neighbors and we don't want our neighbors fudging their legal stand either.

I remember a day when people, and government, could disagree and not to a polarizing degree (they actually would discuss matters). I remember when people met where they agreed, and built something. I am not the only one that still hunts for and has managed to build such in my relationships, even when government heads seem to think that flash, mirrors, whining, intolerance, and dwelling (to the point of paralysis), is what we've asked to run our country (or our smallest block of houses). Most of us actually like our differences and are ready to work beside the rest our nation, starting with our neighbor, to clean up even small town poisons, to watch it fill our boarders with fellow townships' cures.

Maybe it is as simple as advocating for ourselves and the people we love. Call out toxic people whenever we can, even if we just say, “I disagree with that” and give no other indulgence. Non-toxic people do not mind if you disagree, and uncovering some rocks to reveal what is underneath is not something to always hang around for. When it comes down to trying to pry a few such rocks, remember, if there is a law, you can see it. If there is a recording, you can ask to hear it. We are a transparent government, even if we have to all get together and remind them of it. Make sure, if it is not laws you voted them in to make, have them have the people vote on such. Some counties have the people vote on every change made and new laws. Are they making laws for their friends that others do not get it upon them, and laws on other people that their friends wanted enforced, but they are immune? Call them out! Where are the blanket laws? What happened to grandfathering laws in? Watch out for them making things so general, they can make it fit differently for different people; because a few more sentences to clarify such laws (so people , all people can act accordingly, is fairness) is respect of all the town’s people. That is what government is: representing ALL the people.

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