Mystical Stars

Mystical Stars

Mystical Stars

We all remember the still vibrant, Shirley MacLaine. I mention her, because that is probably the first person you will think of in the spotlight, that is a mystic. There are more. Under every success story, there is an understanding of themselves that is incomparable to regular thinking. That is a place we can all access, in any belief system. We can grow our spirits and pursue public opinion of our work, equally. Maybe some think and do have stigma attached to someone so free. Yet, it does not deter them and to the contrary, makes them quite authentic. It is as if, integrity is their middle name. Yet, we don't think twice about their books of their soul-search if their work out-shines even that.

Does it really matter what someone may think of you that you do not know, or outgrew? Does the phrase, “If they could see me now?” come to mind? Really, as much as a judgmental person may want to say, “Success is earned by being like everyone else.” As soon as they are finished, maybe passive aggressively raining water on your parade, you can hear how ridiculous it sounds, if you put your life in someone else's hands. We know that someone stands out, because they are
not doing something like someone else. It could be as simple as the uniqueness that is in every individual, that someone figured out how not to get crushed, so individuality can shine.

I'm not saying you have to be mystical either, but the deeper you know yourself, the more your art will show it, because it will be above everyone else. Yet, above everyone else is just a point of view, because our own worlds are always above others, because it is not their life, it is our own. You want an equal understanding to deal with what others want of you or what you want of them, that it is for both to gain through an honest sharing of skills. It will gain momentum passed where everyone (the one’s not getting it) thought you were going. Your spirit is the deepest part of you. To reach it, you have to heal everything keeping you from it, or go the path unblocked by such, to heal those paths from the other side of your growth.

If you stopped cold with your work and left it behind to seek your spirit for a while, even if it was two years, I guarantee when you go back to warm it up, it will be passed two years of constant work on it, better. That is how important our inner path is. Fortunately, you can work on both in conjunction. Now, if you are like me and you have more than one thing you've managed to master in, when you spend time away from one and spend spirit-driven time in a different one, all of them move forward equally as if they were all worked on by separate versions of yourself at the same time. It is magic like that, and beautiful.

Hasn't anyone noticed our lovely example I started talking about at the beginning of this article? She disappears and studies many things, a great writer on top of her other public talents and each one shines as if they were pursued individually. Yet, in the context I've explained, they have been pursued (only differently than you’d think, if not shown this light), and that is why she does so well at each of these. She has soul-searched, and when she rises, she goes back and soul-searches some more. She understands this life is for insight as deep as we can go, and when we discover our treasures, then we fly a little too, before we go digging for more.

Life as a mystic is wherever you want to be. You don't have to be in one room your whole life, you can also be a star, in everyone's room, at times.
And you can do it, just being you. You don't have to be a guru, crone is something we grow into, but we don't have to pursue it alone. Crone is soul's pleasure, finding the years are only a ride, sometimes slow, sometimes fast, and mastering everything we love. If you look, they will be seen as the revealer, if you wish. If you don't, you still won't be able to miss their powerful craft. It will blow you away every time she, your crone, your spirit, shows up to dance. It will call you to your own path, and if it is your path, to your star too.