Halloween Stars

halloween stars

Halloween Stars

You know I am talking of the successful people in the spotlight whose favorite holiday is Halloween. Why not? It is mine and many a regular folk, like my readers. I can think of a few stars that play roles we think of as a Halloween theme, but I'm talking of everyday life personality. There is one person that comes to mind, that is, Matthew Gray Gubler of Criminal Minds, and a good handful of fun movies, like Suburban Gothic. Please list in the comments section, your favorite stars and their favorite holiday (and yours).

If you run across his Twitter page around this holiday, you'll get photos of his driveway lined with pumpkins and many a hint that he's excited. How about you? Do you get excited around holidays? It is good to find a way to? It does not matter of your personal history or past experiences overwhelmed with commercialism, get that out of your plans. Remember the fun of a child, as I would advise in my wisdom column. It will make the whole month so much fun. Dress up and just get your picture taken or several times, as I do, but I don't wait for Halloween to, and neither do you have to.

I thought it would be fun to find pictures online and fill this article up with them. Then, it became more fun to describe. It reminds me of the season and what it's become since the 70s and 80s. It brings so much joy to darkness. It is all about the story: The story of your other years, the outfit and plans for this year, and what movies will you watch? The above mentioned personality has a few on DVD, just right for this occasion; so definitely add those to your collection for your plans. I know I've enjoyed the above mentioned movie and Life After Beth in a cult, repetitive fashion already. I know you'd love to add it as your group or party flick for sure; Or, build up some extra activity before the holiday and have a good Movie-Watching-Pajama-Party, fashioned right after his movie opening plans. I'm sure he'll have more of those too. He is always reminding us of how much fun pajamas and kimonos are, like we need reminding. I myself, prefer them when shopping.

Most big cities have a Zombie Crawl. Some of the makeup there is quite good. Have you been to one? Just like Halloween itself, anyone could be right in there, looking like they’re only there to eat you. There, in the movie capital, besides the many hidden stars that you will be oblivious to, are some of the top makeup artists in the world. I would love to get a chance to fly out there one of these years and watch from the sidelines with my camera. I live in Denver, and there is one here and some pretty good artists here too, so look for yours or start one, if you are a smaller town. It won't take long to have such an annual Halloweeny event take over your city's plans. That's my real plot you know, Halloween takeover *wink-wink.*

Now, for the actual Holiday! The easy one is, dress up, walk your favorite kid around the blocks, but there are parties to go to or make. There are clubs, if you want to dance in your character, and just strolling through the park as, spooky! I love this magic. I'll go out like this anyway, but the fun of watching all the strange people and masks, along with the wonderful feelings of an evening in nature, combined - So relaxing. Give it a try. People-watch before the fun even begins. Oh, that's a writers thing? Sorry about that, I like to watch all of you, I admit. Well, for this holiday, do it, it will feel like you are in the middle of the movie ET or another favorite story: A movie of your childhood, in a modern set up. Go to where the foot traffic is, downtown or a suburb’s downtown, and sit at an outdoor cafe, and watch all the little rascals...and big ones.

I'll just have to say, I brought up the wonderfully charming, Matthew Gray Gubler, because he is a real good example of how we don't have to grow out of this and many of us just aren't anymore. He fits his generation and his fans love that he is this way. One million people can't be wrong about something as simple as fun? That is just his fans, then there are the fans of Halloween, a much larger number, it is beating out good old Christmas-like holidays...though a good ugly sweater can make that cocoa look mighty tasty. Winter presents get me forgetting how cold it is outside, let's start a fire!

Latest on Matthew? Besides still residing on Criminal Minds (watch the new season), his latest production, that he plays in, “Band of Robbers” (Not horror, but looks quite funny & fun), has just finished Woodstock Film Festival with it and will be in competitive screenings later in October at St. Lawrence International Film Festival as well. Speaking of not growing up: Tom's gang all grown? I'm sure that didn't happen. Look for “Band of Robbers” and its version of Mark Twain's story.