Directing, A Feminine Energy

Directing, a Feminine Energy

Directing, A Feminine Energy

Most writing, most art, has both masculine and feminine energy to gain the final project. They have penetration, then a gestation period, then finally, birth. In partnerships and projects, these completed projects have their own masculine or feminine energy, to make the dance that gives you the final project of a bigger birth. For instance, the script, being written, goes through all of it, but the final project, as been said, is then an invitation, is masculine in this form, ready to penetrate. This is when the director comes along. The directing act, is feminine. It takes the penetration in, gives it its gestation, then they give birth to the final project, which is the movie.

This is what I wish to discuss. Why are we fighting so hard for women to use a feminine energy? All people have both energies to create their projects and partnerships; But, this directing, seems to be held so tight by men as if it were a penis itself, and that is quite mistaken. Yes, it feels good to direct, our life, a novel, or a movie. It is a part of all of us. It feels good because we make a child. This is something we can experience as a man or a woman to make this birth. So, please, let's see what our women will also birth, more often then our current films have. We see this in painting, or acting, or making movies. Let us see what it is like to use masculine or feminine energy, (as a man or a woman) as a balanced dance, as the world needs.

A woman can give a powerful story to the viewers, her story, a voice that is soft and strong. It is beautiful and enveloping. I love when women bring together a group development as much as I love it when a group of men do, I just want both, choices. I want to know what I'm missing by every direction of energy and what it is saying to my own thoughts. I believe some wonderful male minds bring us some fun, powerful stories, but I don't know enough of what a female mind brings (besides my own), because, it is suppressed. Mostly, it has been a tradition that many men don't even know they are upholding until a female speaks up to show another view. So, keep speaking. The “old” way, the “tradition,” is not always correct. Sometimes that is true with the small voice as much as the big voice. The need is, to have both, all: female, male, big, small, loud, soft...whispers and screams. The more diverse of culture and sexes in every project, the better the product. Most of this leads to a large upgrade in quality. It is the fastest way to cure any stagnation in a company or an art.

We, yes, as humans, need women equal on the board, behind the camera, using the pen, or on the film. Otherwise, we only have half the quality we could, no matter how wonderful the numbers add up to. I do think, the more feminist the male doing the directing is, the better the movie, so, of course, get a qualified female doing it, same. Balance is achieved through embracing chaos, not trying to control it. So, embrace the woman, while keeping the embrace of the man.

Never assume here. Whether it is what a man can do, or could do, or a woman; the role is always changing and evolving. This is the embrace we want. The one where the arms hold you different every time the new seed is planted. I'm not the same person ever, from day, week or year. I cannot promise you to do a project five years from now unless I'm working on it now and where it is growing is only a glimpse to be described, but possible. So, any man or woman, next year, will not be any particular story teller, but a better story teller. She or he will master another layer of their spiral of life. What he says will always be different than what she says and together, they will say it wholer. Yes, sometimes, I only want to hear what he says about it and sometimes, what she says...but, take both those movies, both those groups of men and women and put them in a movie where all of them work together and the characters meet in a new world? That one will blow me away. So, take me on this new wind.