Jun 2015

What She Can Wear?


What She Can Wear?

A female star criticizes the industry and then, the social media troll-dom begin posting pictures of every sexy thing she ever wore to any event. This is a blatant demonstration of what’s wrong with the industry, and it only puts exclamations on her points. Inequality in Hollywood has nothing to do with what a female star wears or not wears. What she wears does not dictate her rights-level. Men could go shirtless or naked and not be considered or implied to have less rights. They also do not have to deal on the same level of sexual comments as females (or sexist requests of castings, they would let the script describe the character and trust the man to decide how he is represented. Just a mature pass or fail chance). Some men only think so, because before being in the spotlight, they never were treated as such, but a female? She has had to deal with this all her life.

I remember some boys in my schools, and some males throughout my life, thinking that they could boundary-cross if they had interests. These types of males thought they should control whether I wear something and if I was attractive in it as well. They thought I was advertising only for them and treated me as such. This is way before, and in addition to, dressing sexual on purpose. Yet, women (as well as the men that already do) have the right to also be sexual in their dress, if they wish. This is up to individuals as to what feels fun or right to bring attention to themselves, without outsiders making their personal life preferences forced upon them or shame them.

If going to a gathering or party that males didn't have dress rules or such, and women had rules forced on them either to cover up or to dress in a way to have nothing jiggle; or the other extreme of pasties and a bikinis; this is beyond an opinion of what a woman wore before or after such parties. It did not matter if it was enforced or shamed into. This is the old, must be virginal or whore approach. This is
it is a woman's fault if a man wants her and her fault if he does not want her. A woman's attractiveness is a personal preference, as men have already had the privilege of society accepting. Yes, there is a ranking of beauty natural to human nature, I am not referring directly to this. It is that, but also life preferences, like style and taste of fashion. Yet, women are continuously put into the light of males' rules. I love every man that disagrees with the old institute, but this machine is still in place, very much. The men that make sure we know we are not alone in wishes of equal standards, are strong men and growing in number.

I am not saying that parties and public events should not have rules. I think this is what draws us to watch them and their red carpets. I am talking of a balance. If it was evening wear, then it is such. Let there be evening gowns and tuxes. If restrictions are unequal, and a woman wants, she can push the traditions, especially. There are social respects and then there are discriminations. If a woman wants to claim the names called to her as rewards because she wants to render them powerless, she can. Is it so hard to understand that it is her sexuality to claim, whether she whispers or screams? It is not about poor fashion choice, which other art-appreciators have called out as good or bad, it is the level of appeal that came through the design, whether made for it or not. This is what men are allowed, and women are not, in society as a whole, including Hollywood.

I mean, has anyone read Naomi Wolf's “The Beauty Myth” anyway? Required reading, as far as I am concerned, since the 80's, if you are a woman or if you love women. It is a need to know of
what we've been going through since we could vote, to keep us from the top (and all those ceilings we've been hitting, from breaking). It becomes quite clear, once your eyes are opened from Ms Wolf's evidence, to see how Hollywood, articles, and males (referring to the ones that don't want things to change) are distracting us from the point. Look at what Rose McGowan wears, and therefore she doesn't have a right to complain, about the double standards upon her or other women? Does it sound as ridiculous as it is, when worded so clear?

What if a man was forced, or shamed, to not wear a shirt to an event (and really tight pants to see outlines of his package) then, if he loses or gains an inch or if his chest goes up or down a micro (from more or less exercise), he is forced to wear clothes to hide such and go to the back of the line as less of a human? Yes, men get judged too in this industry, but not anywhere near the same level. Creativity always brings a lot of sexual energy to the spotlight. Weak actions of people frustrated with their own creativity levels or sexual health, will scream to make everyone look at the pretty people's flaws. Most men do not know what to do with themselves in such a forced sexual judgement, because they had not experienced it before they were known. Yet, the whole time he was known, he had had choices to be modest or continuously rising bare-chested from water.
That needs to be a skit...Oh, sorry, distracted. They even can change their mind and the other persona goes away mostly (most of the time for most men this can happen pretty easily). A woman does not have these choices, not in Hollywood, Yet...

As far as my opinion, on what I think of the attention any particular man gets because he does something
everyone else is doing and is that fair for him to get crushed like that, that is the whole problem isn’t it? I guess some men will have to learn to stop being sexist, before they could be the next example of what we are through with. It really could be anyone next, so, do us a favor, for your own sake, and stop being sexist, because we are done!


The Feminist Show: CRIMINAL MINDS, dominates


The Feminist Show: CRIMINAL MINDS, Dominates

Criminal Minds, a show topping charts from the beginning, without advertising or much spotlighting: Why is this? Their audience is drawn to the possibility of a world, and a United States, full of equal opportunity. As its popularity is across many countries, in many languages; from criminal to cop, all races are represented proportionally and sexes the same. Sometimes with even a better than possible current reality view, while covering the controversial topics of the unbalanced playing field underneath, as well as becoming a main topic at times. The crimes themselves are often based on many actual cases combined into fictional characters and with the help of real profilers and other investigations, have kept those to real statistics of female to male, and of races for victims to criminals; with some exceptions for theatrical effects to make the points in their stories. At the least, better than most programs and movies do.

You have strong women without the two-dimensions to hold up any of the men, because these feminist men can hold their own with their confidence in their sexuality; Or, if they are not such characters as is what many of us face, it is called out on in the show, as what our world is. It starts with strong people behind all this, from creators, producers, writers, directors; to the lovely actors. They are hired equally to represent life the way it could be and this comes through because of it. Proving one more time that an equally hired industry has more power.

Have you looked at the sherifs and officers of each of these cities the show encounters? A world we can all recognize, better than the world we have. Have you found these stories to reveal that, if a woman is exploited by a criminal, it is brought to light and described as something that is, not something to be embraced? Bringing out a truth is a big part of changing culture. They even show different kinds of intelligence and thinking, along with different kinds of genius. These are our experiences and all kinds of thinking have a place, even the damaged mind can crawl out to be strong and save, or warp into abuse and murder. Embracing this intelligence is a big part of a more balanced society, because we've all seen how knowledge can be shamed from both sexes. I am quite impressed at the brains that go into the making of a Criminal Minds episode, and they are all very nice to their fans, follow any of them. They have many crossover horror fans, for all the reasons we love a good horror: to know someone has it worse than us; and 'thank goodness that is not my story.' While they have us there, enthralled by the suspense, they sneak in some information to the seduced watchers, open to fears and teach us something.

As this show lives, survives, and thrives with such agenda, it proves this is what the public wants; the industry ignores it. Why? More than anything, fear of change. People are used to how to attain a power, do not want to know another way. They don't want their secrets known or they would have competition. These same people think they've inherited or are entitld to this imbalance. Things will change as fans grow for shows like this. More and more, the top males, in the industry spotlight, are appreciated for their fair treatment of the other sex and this makes room, a lot of room; because it is the males that would not survive equal treatment, that have gained their post through aggression and suppression, that are losing their positions. Yes, women in the focus of the public and at the table are the true signs of equal, but changing what makes the room for this, is a start.

As the latest generations gain their steps toward power, we do not have to wait until the closed minded, older post-holders, retire or die. Money and attention are important to them. Shows like this are pushing into their direction. Meanwhile, many paths are forming to push along side. For years it has been worked raw in the independent movie genre, finding an audience, yes, and meanwhile, television has broken in. It may be the pilot entity we can thank for that. No matter the show, if backed and made, with an audience approval, it gets a shrug and a time slot. You can look across each decade and find groundbreaking shows, helping evolve our world. In the last ten years, one has been Criminal Minds.

I am looking forward to the new season, spinoffs and creations to come. Having proven themselves somewhat, would they be left to their own devices now? Where will that take us? Only better.


Entertainment Articles


Entertainment Articles

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