Come Back, Silent Movies!

Comeback Silent Movies

Come Back, Silent Movies!

We have a new (actually it has been around awhile) art movement that has infiltrated its taste into everything. Some call it Goth, but there is Steam Punk, and many other titles. The point is, there are large groups of people that have been into such things that you can even say they master it: the makeup, dress, poetry, and drama. If these people can bring back a long dead art movement similar to the
Romantic Era, why can't we also bring back feature length silent movies? They already have Vaudeville (and Burlesque) shows in most large cities. Well, I can say they do here in Colorado. Now, how about some tasty, creepy, music only, black and white across the screen in horror, movies?

Come on! ...Not just a short, full length. They could play in select dance clubs or right back on that huge silver screen where it is supposed to go, with double features and a party. I know all the directors I respect already dabbled, because the great artistic view already can be seen in a good horror talkie.

If you are just starting to look into it, you will easily hit over 200 million in any search engine, from interviews, to articles, to the actual historic videos (of the films). People still can't get enough of the beautiful (dressed for the limited lighting and because of B&W there was purposeful contrast everything, from yellow or black eyeliner to brown or bloody black lipstick, on everyone and everything in the scene) sets. We love how the picture and music can hypnotize you into being even more creeped out than your regular blockbuster. Trust me, watch Nosferatu, even in the day, and go on a walk by yourself after. You will feel like you are being watched from the air itself....eek. When these were popular, there was no such thing as censoring or ratings. I think this could really light us up with ideas and give us a show. Go for it producers. Find those directors and writers and lets get cracking. Use a good old German Expressionism idea and let’s make a come back.

We could make some new stars and promote them in black and white like they did at the turn of last century. Really appeal to the character role playing that can walk out onto a new stage and promote them to a large happy, darkly displayed, crowd. Don't just mimic them, become the inventors of a whole knew movie movement.

Bring back the physical desires of the curvy pale girls and the debonaire boys, right from a hundred years ago; with the Art Nouveau movie posters and a place already to admire them. Put them in the theaters that have attached coffee houses, reading poetry until show time. Encourage a new role, of Expressionism Gothic (or Punk)? Sounds catchy to me, but I never decided any of those other names that are so fun either. Let the artists love them again. I love them and I am waiting.


Why a Wonder Woman

Why a Wonder Woman

Why a Wonder Woman...

Just any old Wonder Woman? I could talk about Wonder Woman: Whether the movie will make it all the way through with her still in it, as a role, or not; Whether the actresses that have been gone through, were none, good enough? and will this one too? I could talk about a satire I've written having her as a role for no reason, because that is how needed she is as an archetype.

It is great news that Patty Jenkins is directing Gal Gadot in a Wonder Woman movie, but what does that mean? Follow-through is the waiting game now. We want follow-through. Will Patty Jenkins stay the director? Ms. Gadot’s Middle-eastern nationality is certainly a plus considering Wonder Woman came from a hidden Greek-type island. She is brunette and beautiful. The comic icon is much more than features though. I personally think any woman is good enough to be her. All women possess the strengths that she is, and becomes, as human and goddess. This whole game of no one is good enough is just one more game the industry has been playing for a long time, so that perfection can keep the project from becoming.

We want her. We want Wonder Woman and any and every version of her. We've had plenty of any and every version of Batman, Spiderman, and Superman. We even are willing to see more versions and other superheroes, we love our heros and that any of us can become one. How about a girl, or a woman too? Can we prove that any one of us can be a hero as well? Can we have a few other Goddess archetypes, as we've sat through so many of the Gods?

My socks have stars and my hair is long and black. I am not the only one. We embrace the common beauty of her and how she wears it, because all are this. She wants all her sisters to rise, a similar phrase she totes. I can accept her running around in her underwear, the boys are after all. She wields the truth, and her search for truth. She won't let anything less pass the lips of whom she encounters. Not even a bullet can stop truth, nor her.

Is it a womanly character to want truth above all? It does not have to be. I don't believe it is just a feminine character, but when you take her girl-card away, this is what she holds. So, which is scarier, her integrity, or her vagina? I would like to know. The world needs that she is both. They need that the beautiful girl in our mirrors, can save the world with what the darkness hides, as much as the rest of us. Perhaps they, the industry, have worked too hard to not see their own reflection, or look at their wife and daughters, to remember. How many of us as children were shown a better way when we admitted the things we did? We came clean from those lies. What happened? ...A better way.

So, all we want is a better way. The truth that Wonder Woman and all who make sure she makes it to the box office, could bring us this gift. So we can know that when we go home after the story, that we all hold this power: to tell the truth, and reveal the truth, and the light; on a path that feels better.


This Author

This Author

This Author

I guess, I could discuss an author's mind. That's entertainment and something I know a lot about, yet barely can describe. It is why I became a storyteller to begin with, learning to describe why I thought the way I did. Is it enough for talk-radio? Probably. Their listeners are full of enquiring minds. I am quite probing to how I tick and many seem to have the same interest, but I am often made to feel like I am a 'party favor.' Perhaps I am, a party favor, at times at least. I am different and I have a lot of differences to bring to the world, but my favorite way to pass the time at a party, is to rarely open my mouth (accept to be polite). I want to watch all the other characters that came to play. If I begin to vocalize my equerry, no one would play. I guess, in the end, I am just a very weary, active audience member on this stage of regular people continuously doing their normal, strange things that I don't want to forget.

I do like watching unending amounts of detective documentaries and murder investigations. There are enough people who do love those shows, to have its own network. Yet, I feel like it is my secret pleasure to get inside the sick and egotistical mind and see their flaws and how they leave so many clues to find them, because they are too sick in the head to not leave any. We can't even sell ourselves for work or skill, unless our minds are well, so it would seem it is the main reason for criminal flaws, an unhealthy mind.

It is good to know, for a person that develops characters, but what else is there? Surely authors alone, do not create their own network? Or could they? I guess there is enough of us. Maybe it is just an audience full of writers and psychologist want-a-be's and what other personality is a psychologist want-a-be, that does not become a psychologist, but a writer. All of us: scriptwriters, authors, poets, and entertainment columnists; enjoy understanding ours and others minds deeper. Especially when we'd like to consider that we are not like them, and why we are not like them. It could be just a judgement, but I'd like to consider it an analysis, where facts are considered as to why something or someone is different rather than feelings (or inherited prejudices).

I wonder if their commercials will change towards such, as I've realized, as they realize this too, now that I've put it out there? Is there any of my readers, here, that wish to admit they are not a writer and also have a fancy for the investigative shows? (I mean, and not have an investigative career, of course) Is it just me and the others with analytical minds? I can't resist. It is like popping on the radio for music, to me. (I do like a good audio book the same way) I hear into these stories a whole slew of connections to real people; even barely known people; or especially imagined people. A good conversation is often something I enjoy observing. Here, I've observed enough to go on and become the one we are discussing. This is why I've looked into the direction of radio, and my interest in a good discussion on a talk show. It is a writer's wish to be heard or read, after all.

Now that I've dived into a few reasons why I watch investigative television shows, how do I explain my interest in
Ancient Aliens. Maybe my book, “Transient State,” could explain it, if you feel like a dark, science fiction read (book link is inside my Links page, if you'd like to look for it).


Changing to REAL POWER (To Be Real People), Is ALL That Is Asked


Changing to REAL POWER (To Be Real People), Is ALL that Is Asked!

Feminism does not have to be war. It would seem, the false power of the top of the hill (being all to oneself), thinks otherwise. Many do agree with the platform of equal sexes. There are no rules as to anyone having to be the same, just equal. This also goes for Hollywood. Feminism never takes power away, unless it is false. Wouldn't you rather know you can hold your own comparatively? I would. Is there really someone saying, Yay, look at me, I'm chosen as great because she never had a chance? Yes, like many playgrounds, this is, unfortunate as it is, true. What I mean by playgrounds is, unmonitored, the bully can't resist. Perhaps that is also why, anti-bullying, is also a feminist platform. We are searching for, bully-proof outcomes. We can certainly make our storytelling-entertainment lead us there.

So, this means, Male-dominant movies, Female-dominant movies, and maybe both dominating (a taste of equally powerful characters starring Males and Females). It is all this; No man-movie disappearances; Just open doors to the other two. We want all of it. We want Male movies with gender roles destroyed, or visa-versa. Which is only asking movies, to allow everyone to not be forced to be anything. Sounds simple enough. I'm sure there is even room for Patriarch and Matriarch movies, if it was only a lot less of either (because after a while, no one will really be interested in it, unless it is a historical perspective or satyrical). Many think it is Matriarchy we are after, couldn't be further from the truth. Equal playing field is not a female take over. The War the
patriarch inflicts, would like to make you fear this.

Of course we can have spoofs, and idiocy, we are story tellers. We can show enemies, and monsters, and the dragon slayers. We can show you from a man's world or a woman's world or when we get together. We can show you all the little other worlds needing seen through another's eyes, that we don't, at first, recognize. Then, as the story flows, we remember, they are as human as we are; even when we couldn't imagine before in our box. Hollywood needs to remember it is a storyteller and look for those different stories and those other-half stories, until everyone is up there to be seen. Seen, without restrictions to climb the stage's steps. Seen as business as usual; which can be half the world, a woman's world, half a man's, and all the other divisions of culture and choices.

I was taught, for anything to stay an argument, you have to keep catching and throwing back that ball they threw at you. If you want that argument to end, and become a discussion instead, let go of the ball, drop the ball, let it fly passed you. That ball can go. If you want it to stop being a war, and become a reality of truth; Don't pick up that ball and throw it back. By all means, advocate for yourself, but do not go to their war. Remind everyone watching the sport, that truth is already here. It was here all along, and we are just uncovering it from someone else's shadow of their big flag on the top of the hill. Remind them of the sun shining on our world.

Flags and balls? Yes, just like sticks and stones, and names that do hurt. We can claim things as our own, rather than give them back their weapons. What a beautiful stage we can build with a little mortar and a story with its own game. I wanted to put a little friendly awareness back into all this. We want the boy movies too; is my point here. We don't want our men to go away. We want ceilings broke, and our sexuality to be ours, and our chains to weigh as much as theirs. We want distractions to be called out for the ploys they are, every time one is placed: That what a woman wears and her weight or even her age, gives her no less power or rights. None of those are proof to stop hearing us roar. We want movies!