When Stars Aren't Shinny

When Stars Aren't Shinny

When Stars Aren't Shinny

We have authors, movie stars, directors, producers, journalists, singers and publishers to enlighten this time. What about the stars when they get overwhelmed with selling themselves or the product they are actually not moving (and as much as it appears that way), the reactions of the audience will reflect their death or rotting and it will be time to go shake it up inside to come back and work on it again. Can you even sell a product if you don't know the product, so recognize, even in a state of wealth and connections, that you have to find yourself again and your fans will drool over your polished up surprise on your next interview. Show them that you are indeed the “new car” they are looking for.

When did the successful being begin to shut down and assume there was a following (take fans for granted) that would follow him/her in any mood? Not true no matter how many candy followers you have. When you are selling your sweetness as hidden fillers and rot, it can be a problem. What took you from believing? Is it personal or a target on the work just done you've out grown or never liked and what can you do to love it again? How about a list of one hundred grateful’s to start with? Most successful people remember being grateful, it got them where they were before. Sometimes it is confiding in a person that will tell you exactly how it is, but successful people have trouble finding those. Journaling can help if you have no truth-stabbers when needed. Look up how to journal or look up “morning pages.”

I would think, when facing the truth of this when you came across this article would be half your battle as to what to do next because you clawed and climbed hard once and you can again. The nice thing is, you are only clawing up a luxury tower, instead of from six feet under where some began. It may not feel like it to climb again, because it surprised you and you'll face some pain that comes from being blinded by your own light, but it will be easier after your look in that mirror, I promise.

What if you only thought you were somewhere and you weren't anywhere near where you were trying to go, but you got caught in the ease, the stop promised? That won't sell to all who follow you when they don't see your self-appreciation and just your ass on a fluffy existence instead. Keep in mind, none of your fans mind you being wealthy from your work and getting a good time in, they are disgusted that you just assume they will be there when you didn't even bother much to put heart into your current showing. Maybe the product was full of heart, but you just think they will see it because you poop gold, not true.

You have to remember how much each of them, you are proud follows you and even the psycho lovers you seem to have snagged. Without any of them, your career is nothing. Just because you've racked a million people keeping track of you, doesn't mean they want to buy what you’re selling just because they followed. They want to know there is still a reason they love you or will spend their precious quality time watching the one who is making them feel that way. You'll have to remember, there are other people getting their numbers. You also can break their hearts if they are devoted and you became a person that you thought was entitled to their love, instead of worth their love. Don’t just love yourself to know you are worthy, love your worthiness too, and show them you love it and them.

Do you remember a time when just one happy viewer was enough and entertaining yourself to get it was the best thing ever? That is the same person that can turn those one million followers back into
watchers of your movies or readers of your articles or listeners of your songs. When was the last time you entertained yourself like that? It can only be a week away and be too far. So figure it out. Do you expect them? Do you do an equivalence of psychically forcing them against their will? People with charisma know they have a similar power and must respect this great power or fans will know and hate you as much as they once loved you. They will run away every time. There is a reason they follow you rather than vote. People are sick of propaganda and if their favorite author or director can't be authentic, someone else will be that for them. There are too many broken relationships because someone was a liar about what they possessed to make there lover feel good, they don't want their stars to be that too.

So, analyze often. Is your star still shinny and what can you do to buff it back up and get back to your roots and grow a new bud on your tree instead of selling your dried dead, cut blooms from the past. Yes, with that metaphor, we can imagine some beautiful dead things, but you have to know what you are selling to get away with that. Good luck my favorites, and lost favorites out there. I'm watching too.

Rest in Peace David Bowie, a star that was never dull. Shine on.