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Character Maker

Profiler, Psychic, Ghost-hunter, are some of the names a good author was called (perhaps still called) before they were accepted as an author because they finally got published. I mention finally as a dramatic touch, but it is quite true. Most writers, and eventual authors, explained themselves and what they knew, because they were story tellers. No one settled for such things to be true of their story telling on the level of author, until a book was actually out, for these kinds of people to no longer deny this person they've known's talents.

People around them, perhaps even someone like you, have encouraged these people to stop probing in the guise of, 'don't worry so much.' I don't know about other authors, but I do not 'worry' so much about much. I enjoy depth and I enjoy why's. I love to analyze in the thousands of percents on everything. People that you have known all your life or some that have gone in and out of, eventually walk away from such probing people. They were only the wrong people and that is why they do go. We know the monsters and they know when they've been hoarding a few, and they don't want me to know, so they leave. They gain the sympathy of other monster hoarders that their ex is an

I, personally, just label myself as a
horror writer, even though it may only be about a third of my writing. The rest of my writing does penetrate as much as revealing a good monster I suppose. It is just easier with that label because then they, the monster carriers, can just move along. I don't care about the many weird looks I get. Agents that do the same thing, get the same attentions. There wouldn't be so many shows with authors helping find murderers if there wasn't a ring of truth to it. I think that in the real world, most authors do not have monsters, but profilers, also character makers that never became writers until maybe they retire, do get into many heads and find the real world monsters. I personally would love a week of hours of conversation with a profiler. I think we would get along well.

Sometimes I do not mind the title,
ghost hunter, because I do it well. I find history, ancestor's tribal belief passed down systems, and I find the ghosts behind most “small” conversations. I also know when such people are trying to probe me, because the one's with the monsters, try to get into an others head, by crushing their will or spirit. I would never because of many understandings I have learned about people. It is good to know to avoid and write once such personal betrayals are decoded.

It is not hard to be an author's friend. It takes integrity, honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity. Then there is nothing to probe and only the heart to share. I personally find these people rare, and sometimes they show up in fellow authors, but I do love a strong person and these are the descriptions of such. So, how strong is your personality to hold away the monsters your family passed down?