Manifest Your Star(s)

Manifest Your Star(s)

Manifest Your Star(s)

Many successful people practice some form of manifestation, whether learned through ancestry; figuring it out despite their tribe; or reaching out and doing research, then diving right in. It would also seem, the more open the person is that this line of thinking is what they do (to bring them their lifestyle), the more fortunate they also become (after all, only those paying attention in there own manifestation even catch on, but it is still true, are you ready?). Does anyone remember Jim Carry breaking out his “check” to himself from his wallet on Oprah?

It is not just a gimmick that gets it though. It is in the preparation we do for ourselves that gets us the success, or what we are manifesting, whatever your form is you are bringing. The “reminders” we give ourselves is only a seed to keep preparing. Oprah herself, one of our world's leading success stories, is the most open that I know of. I have heard many speak of their own mindset to keep on getting back to that fun, and things will fall into place.

Yes, there is a determination, to keep in that thought process, and there is a a huge drive to keep on keeping on with the work that is loved. That is the key. Some do get greedy and distract you from the simplicity, but there is more than enough for everyone's unique wealth, to even come to them instantly. So, never mind those grumps, they forget who they are and are on display with their mess often, having no idea how done they are in their blindness of. Who wants to follow their plan to misery and egocentric madness, not I.

There doesn't have to be out of balance narcissism and trauma filled childhoods that were clawed out of, but there is plenty of use you can use if you recovered from those. Vulnerability is also simple, that is what makes it so strong. Not the 'weakness' synonym or definition, but the openness and authenticity to know yourself and tell your tale true, when shown into the light. That is where the same thinking that holds onto the nuggets of spirit inside big wishes, pulling all your other little wishes into the deepest of you, is put out on to your path, it is your focus. It becomes your focus. That is where you can get distracted by your eagerness, and it pulls you to your next thought and next action until your days are adding all the inches up. Then, you have your pile of products, out of your fun, to use and enjoy, for more and more.

No more “patience” or “impatience,” there is indulgence and understanding instead. Don't those even feel better, even if you apply them to your stubborn mate's struggle to improve the way he understands relating to you? Do you want to say,
I think it may work because of my “patience?” How could it even? All because of sacrifice and tolerating alleged ill-behavior? Why? Now, think of indulging in a new experience of an old problem to see if you both can get through a disagreement with less pain, no emotional weapons, plenty of empathy and compassion, and still disagree but at a point where you both see the others point without screaming louder and louder or sniding a bitter bite, because you are a martyr? Doesn't that already sound like something you want to LEAVE and in all capital letters?

Well, a career, a wish, will feel the same. Where is the fun? Fun in your every moment, from
'peanut butter is fun;' to your relationship, 'what can I do to have so much fun, he wants to join me and wants to remind me why he wants to join me?'; to your dreams, like, 'drawing is fun.' I love the sound of filling my days with those. I've been perturbed recently by My Love and using my scale of 10 temper, I'm only at a 3 about something. I’ll take some time where I'm cooling down or brooding, to remind myself of a few lines and before I know it, I'm back down to a 0 and can go reason with the disagreements towards a solution. Just as simple as looking around my bedrooms and muttering, 'Halloween pens are fun;' or 'dolls are fun.' I also find, even if I have to add, 'even if he isn't.' to the statement, it still works and before I know it, I’m not adding it anymore.

One more thing that works for me to keep my mind back to fun, I remind myself whenever I have even the slightest disappointment in a person or situation, or nervousness, I have another line I use (with their names or a detailed description of them if I don't know their name).
“I am as important as Jane Doe and Jane Doe is as important as me.” If you don't believe me, see how it works with an ex, or done-you-wrong person from the past, that still gets under your skin, it will release the hold on you almost better than a forgiveness and almost as good as gratitude. Now, when you are nervous because it is Ms. Big, remember, it still works, and then you can talk to her on equal ground or dismiss her as an equal, whichever the case may be. Don't use it for objects though, this is how you say it for objects: “I am more important than the Radio and the Radio is not as important as me” (or insert a person like your child's name, instead of ‘I,’ it is good like that too); but you can say, you are as important as 'Radio People' or a singer (you can try and say it the other way with objects, if you want, but it won't feel right and it won't feel good and it won't release you from the false you are clinging to. It does not mean you don't want an object or an identity more than anything, but that statement said correctly about objects, will keep false gods from seizing your mind, so to speak, and clear your path to fixing objects or reputations or gaining a title and make it much easier to attain, as well as get you out of that trapped thinking you were in the middle of). All people are as important as you and you are as important as all people, or me, or the President.

Now, go out and have some fun with a few more tools to keep you on the task. Eventually, you’ll stumble right into joy and knowing how to stay there most of the time, and then just maybe, you’ll share what you’ve learned to get there, finding even more when you do.


From the Depths

From the depths
From the Depths

What kind of experiences do authors have to write the way that they do? Or, what they do? From my perspective, a lot of strange ones and a lot of healing ones. I've witnessed things that helped me survive a world alien to me. So, my first book is about aliens. I dreamed my way into healing from bedridden, so my second book, a collection of short stories, was a part of the many steps it took to get better and better. I know you've heard some of these stories in my interviews, but now, what about horror?

Maybe it is not so much that those who write horror have had horrific things happen to them, but maybe from a perspective of personifying the horror that does arrive, to conquer it. It could be the confusion I've had being in a world that thinks differently than me that has done this for me, but I am not the only kind of mind that can write horror. I am the mind writing this example though. So, I'd say, yes, not belonging in some way, can create a shaking of the soul into where one does belong. For me, I'd accept my alien among you concept, but eventually I did meet my kind. Well, I could say that is the end of the story, but I do think we like to indulge in our fun survival skills. We enjoy a good madness unmasked game. More like a forever Halloween direction though, not any “meat-masks” in my group at least.

I love the power and concept of a gathering of us, making movies and other little projects. I hold this idea of creative friends, high. I worked a long time, and alone, to find them, or sometimes a one, or a him. This also motivates my writing. To do this. Seeing actors as I put the script down and counting on the director to see everything that I don't say, because I like to say as little description as possible in a script. I like the directors that prefer it. If I want to direct, I'll just write a novel is my thought. Maybe that is why I'll do a few novellas (about three) of my scripts.

I will admit to a childhood full of bumps, the details are not needed for my point here though. I guess the old saying. to wish hell upon you to write well, could apply. I would not wish though, just saying, you can use those tools well. I do feel a camaraderie among the horror writers, directors and fans though. We have something underneath, that we've all touched, to know there is definitely worse than any mess we've been dealt has a relief to it. It is the myth behind dark art movements that have been labeled Goth, as to why they like such music. Some out there, don't want to wear it, they just want to be scared in a dark theater or in a book in a corner. Some, never would imagine such things and it draws them in like the victims in the stories, to be slaughtered (willingly of course).

I find all the facets fascinating, even my own mind. I've gone in there and examined all my shadows with the sun in the darkest of my moons. Yet, I've found how they appear into another character, a whole new place to explore, just like anyone else discovering them. I like to write so fast, that I don't know how my sentences are going to end, let alone the next chapter. I like that when I read the second draft, it is like I've read it for the first time.

I guess, all authors, that write in the direction of Fantasy and Horror, and even some Science Fiction, probably believe in a little bit of magic, when we watch our stories form. Whether we visit for the first time in a day dream or on our paper. I've done both, and still do, and I believe, a lot, in magic.


The Child in You and the Spotlight

child in you in spotlight2
The Child in You and the Spotlight

The flexibility of when I was a child, seems to be where my path is going. Why is this entertaining? Because if you act like you were 8 or 10, it would be quite fun, wouldn't it? Einstein has referred to being able to revert to a child at any moment needed, is a true sign of genius. This, is where the spotlight does not matter, and this is where the spotlight will be drawn.

Look at our fellow entertainers. The right question and either they give you that child grin or they are running around playing pretend for the host in a moments reaction. Do you remember swinging on the swing and doing tricks on that swing? How about, playing around, goofing, so in a quick moment, you bit it? Yet, you are perfectly fine, a bit scraped on the ground, laughing. Possibly you are barely injured, as most children are when experimenting with their fun and limits of the world, you remember it was the loose, flexibility in that fall, that makes everything easy enough to brush off.

How about when you pass your child, maybe in your hallway, playing voices from their toys and you answer in your own toy voice? Was that not fun? Quite. Your child wants you to come back and play. Maybe that would feel good to take a moment there. Then remember, how did you get to your own successes. Your first one, entertaining a passing, responsible adult enough to join you. Of course it was. You learned a lot, getting them down there with you, chatting in your characters. Could it be, your own success is as close as a nice play-date with your pals. Not a night on the town prowling, as fun as that could be, too much work for what could happen. How about a walk to the park? What equipment is there right now? Let it call.

Do you think your favorite star is serious about anything, right in this moment? They could be riding around on a bike or in a fun car, toys. They could be goofing on set with another star. That is precisely the direction of thought they are doing. They are experimenting. Play is not just the lab for childhood. It is your only chance to become anything with a spotlight attached to it. It is what the successful have not ever let go of. Some of course, healthier at it than others. Yet, you have this wonderful routine that does not include the monster silverware that must be neutralized in the dishwasher to behave in their drawer again, like my daughter does the dishes.

I think I'll clean my living room as wild as possible. Perhaps order does not have to be in the processes, even if it is the result. Play calms our minds and helps us forget the aggression that never really works forever. I don't even think I am in the mood for a chat over tea sometimes and I am quite a devouring intellectual. I think those sometimes, I want to go sit in my backyard and talk to the tree or the pet. I'll be pulled to run around a bit when no one is looking (or not care if someone is). There is a toy my child forgot. I pick it up...or you pick it up, and just how will it tell your child she forgot it?

I really think I'd like the world where everyone that read this today, went out and threw a ball, or mowed the grass like a video game. Call that light to you in the office because all your work is getting done, but your coffee cup talks to your screen when you are sorting out a problem. There is a better state of mind to remind all your co-workers to produce their best from. There is the child in you to remain.


Midniyte Radio

Midniyte Radio2

Midniyte Radio

It was just a phone call of pure interest in, something I knew well. That is what it is like to be interviewed. This was my first time I was on the radio, and I thought you would want to know what it is like for that first time. One day this will be a look back and you will be catching me, right now, in it. We start somewhere to be noticed for our work and our mind, then more want to know how we think, or at least in my case. I am a writer, yes, but I am one despite thinking the way that I do or because I think the way I do. I have worlds to share and my view of this one, is but a small one. Yet, there, on the radio, it flowed along like it belonged.

I have interested many before, about the way I think. It feels better as a platform than a party favor. I am unique, yes, but I am also love and am flesh. I enjoy meeting people all the time, but also look for a friend, always looking for a new person that gets me. It is what we all do...better and better and bring such around us: A world in a spotlight is the same. It does not matter if I skirt it once or go deeper. It is what I now know. It is a path opened. It is networking like I haven't seen.

Would you make a call on a hotline? I am not such a type. I am an intellectual, looking for the match. So, I write, and then I reveal. What I reveal happens to be the way my brain works, to come up with such worlds. Yet, that is an interest. I have two worlds in
Transient State and I have multiple layers of healing I rise out of in Jane World. Such is just sparkles in my possibilities. They were doors and my poetry (even before such books, yet on different levels now) were the wallpaper to the doors. I am room after room here, taking stars on a trail, to my next telling.

I wonder of the questions I'd ask such an interviewee if I could run across such a random interest.
Can you do it again? Yes. It was simple yet, focus. Would you recommend this path for others? I would say, some. It is a good platform to release knowledge and unveil who you are from behind the computer. Would you talk about people? Why? If it is relevant, and a public quote that fit a point, yes, but I have plenty going on inside of me alone. One can profess understandings that life has thrust upon them without plotting demise in a ten minute segway that would be much more productive for 'good news' in the world. I leave my 'demons' for villains, anti-heros, and swamps. Much more truth can get through like that.

Many non-fiction authors have interviews, what is the interest in a fictional author, such as yourself? It comes from interests in my visual spacial, autistic-spectrum brain. There is also interest in my metaphysical ideas that lead to stories. A complex person can really put layers into a tale, so enjoying mine, gets many wondering into how I tick. Would you do speeches? Very likely, since that has been easier for me than writing and I do the later pretty well. I guess it is a matter of what I've sparked now.

Do you have more books coming? Many on there way. They have a process and a timing (after Jane's 2nd book, there is 2 poetry books, another novel, 3 horror novellas, etc.). They are lining up. I have non-fiction development as well: A coffee table, small book about different meditation choices (My Book of Other Meditations) and a self-empowering book called, The Sex of Art (aimed at being a muse like The War of Art was, but on a different plane). I have scripts too, Jane World (3 continuations after the 2nd book), and other scripts include a combo of indy movies, horror movies, and one musical. I think by that list, you can see how others get an interest in the way my brain works and I hadn't even started to talk about my illustrating and painting.

Thanks for all that listened. It was fun.