Apr 2016

Entertainment Articles

Entertainment Articles

Entertainment Articles

I love the challenge, wouldn't you? It is simple in form, but intense in the discovery of it. I would love to do this Entertainment Article Thing, out there somewhere, regularly beating my head against the stream of social media. In this, let's just promote myself direction, it is a bit of a mind bender, and I embrace that it is. That is why I keep it. Yes, it is bi-monthly now, but I get really into the push for ideas that you would want me to chat about here. This is where I put the articles that I have a press-pass for, even though I've rarely pulled that thing out.

I know that one day it won't be a challenge and I will still love it as much as something like my doing of poetry is, that I master, but always finding the peak of what I could be in poetry (or other mastering). I want to give myself constant permission to learn even more on anything; even if I have mastered the subject three times by now and put my 30,000 equivalent hours into. I would start my next 10,000 hours, is all.

I've expressed that I am a Feminist, and I've marked the Stars in the sky. I have also gone behind the action in the smallest of towns in a state in the U.S.A. Where will this year bring me to go? I could interview, find a music position, or just talk about store cats. What have you thought of before, lifting that magazine off of the supermarket rack to see what they are saying about the eye-catching photo on the front, full of
what are they doing on it? That's where I feel I already am, here, regularly presented on the twitter rack for you to grab. How about a store cat that a charity runs, and the cat trained himself right into a therapy cat as the customers needs were met in their regular greetings of him? That would be sweet right?

I walk into little stories like these every day now. I like that my idea of a writing challenge has lead me right to such lovely experiences. I've even noticed my favorite shows; respected fond actors even more; and views I find brave coming before the public eye; are fuller experiences now. I am filled with joy in where this is leading me. Are you going to wait here, on this blog, baited for my next view? I am, and I am waiting like on a park bench in a quiet park, to see who is going to walk by.
People watching in print.

I personally would love to write a story with an upsurge of store pets, because people want to go back to a time when pets and children ran through all the little
Ma and Pa stores throughout the exits along interstates and highways across the United States. Inside, it was warm, and their home was near, either on the backside, upstairs, basement, or in walking distance of the store you found the rock candy on the counter that you didn't need but really wanted for the rest of your ride back to the next town. They are coming back I think, because if small towns are gaining life and we can hear heart beats again, as my mentioned exodus (in a previous article) is a reverse wave now, why wouldn't the rest of such life, but with a smaller world vibe and higher tech lacing to it?

I could definitely bring together an understanding of the Entrepreneur, whether a real estate idea, an internet store, or selling themselves to get their book noticed, there is a definite type of strength in these characters. I'm sure the regular time clock stamping person would like to know what makes these freelancers, lone drivers, tick. For that matter, I think these
wet-blanket immune personalities, would like to know a bit more about each other too. It is my idea of a campfire conversation or several.

I like to write stories that if anyone would stop a moment and look at their day that they are in right now, that there is a story there, that wants to be read off the twitter rack. As someone is out there sorting their merchandise to be noticed and someone else is noticing it and buying it, there is something there too. Someone is always straightening those things you are admiring so neatly on the shelf and didn't put back the same. Why did you notice it and why did you buy or not buy it? Is it only sales, or is it something else? See, how many of you bought something today? What was next to the register, besides magazines, or a sleeping cat?